What is DataGekko

DataGekko is a fully managed enterprise grade metrics as a service solution that allows you to easily and securely collect, process, store, manage and query data from millions of distributed sources. DataGekko provides the necessary infrastructure and tooling to visualize time series data and create dashboards for your services.

Where can DataGekko be applied?

Here's what we can think of, but surely creative people will surprise us.

Internet of Things

Measuring temperature, tracking your toaster performance or powering your smart home. IoT is a quickly evolving industry and its main currency is data. Every IoT project needs a metrics service that can scale from 0 to hero.

System Monitoring

There are millions to be saved on underutilized resources and issues prevented by acting on time. Being able to easily monitor your infrastructure and applications allows you to focus more on your product and less on technical details.

Industrial Telemetry

Industrial systems have very specific needs in terms of performance and reliability. We address those needs with our globally distributed system with millisecond data precision.


Web, financial, business, advertising analytics - they all rely on a stable metrics system to power their queries to gain insight. We do that, in real time.

Business Intelligence

Actionable information at the right time is vital to many businesses. A metrics service can be used to actively track operating assets in real time, and with the right information, you will be able to decide on the spot the course of your business.


Games have historically been the showcase of the technology of its time. This is probably one of the highest throughput sectors that go unnoticed. With real time online gameplay only getting more widespread there is more data than ever that needs to be recorded.

Save time and money

Hosting a metrics system of any scale has an inherent complexity and cost. You can count on at least one FTE having to maintain and work on it as soon as you grow out of the proof of concept stage. Adding high availability, global distribution and rolling your own analytics on top of that doesn't help the case either. That's why we do it for you, and by leveraging our scale we also do it cheaper than you would on your own with only a few minutes of time to set up.

We are developer friendly

As a technical product, we have proud engineers running everything with a great sense for the little things. One of those is having an easily accessible API and set of client libraries so that they can get started in no time.

Enterprise grade metrics at your fingertips

Our systems are globally distributed, replicated and constantly monitored and tuned to give you the topmost performance while keeping your data safe and secure. A powerful query system running on top provides you with the ability to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions with on the fly aggregations and analysis. Yet on top of this complexity, we provide a simple abstraction layer so that you can do all this from the comfort of your browser.

Epic support

This is an often overlooked topic, but something we are incredibly proud of. There is no need for a leap of faith with us. We offer incredible support with an easy line of communication with our engineers so we can dive directly into the problem. We're even more happy to chat and offer some consultation and possibly even help with your integration.

Need more product details?

If you are interested but still curious and have questions, you can head over to our Features page for more details or contact us at info@datagekko.com.

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