Billable Items

  • Data points - Individual datapoints that are ingested through our system
  • Data resolution - The resolution at which we process and store the data
  • Query resolution - The resolution at which you can query the data
  • Data retention - Period of time for which your historical data will be accessible
  • Clients - Number of supported clients for a given project
  • Metrics - Number of individual metrics you can create for the system
  • Tags - A feature for additionally tagging datapoints so you can dive deeper into your data
  • Support - Level of support you will receive

Billing Plans

Some billing plans might offer "unlimited" amount of a given service item. These imply that there will not be strict limits put on but are subject to our quotas and fair use policy.

Enterprise Customers

Due to the complex nature of enterprise systems, their requirements and custom needs, we ask you to reach out to for a quote to your specification and additional details.

Pricing changes

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice.

Further Information

For all further questions contact

Quotas and Limitations

General Information

All your quotas are available under your pricing plan except if noted to be subject to other policies.

Fair Use Policy

The fair use policy is put in place in order to ensure proper operation of the system for all customers. "Unlimited" or "∞" quotas are universaly subject to this policy. Non compliance can result in a temporary or permanent discontinuation of the service. The fair use policy dictates that you are free to use as many of the provided resources as you need but in good faith of the general usage of the system. The policy is completely at the discretion of DataGekko. In attempt to provide the best possible service to our end customers, we will attempt to contact you to inquire more about your usage if it apears to be suspiciously high to us before taking any further action. If you require higher limits, or have specific usecases, please reach out so we can adjust accordingly if possible.

Reference Values

These are rule of thumb values which you can keep in mind when building a system around our infrastructure. None of these are hard limits nor are they directly enforced. However, do reach out if you need more than the specified amounts.

  • 1000 unique metrics
  • 100 000 unique clients
  • 10 unique tags per metric per client
  • 5 minutes is the maximum allowed lateness for incoming data with a timestamp