Millisecond resolution

We offer millisecond precision storage and querying of metrics to address high precision use cases such as tracking network requests or execution counters. This allows you to take a deep dive into individual use cases to debug and investigate your metrics.


We ingest data using custom ingestion nodes that follow the MQTT v3.1 specification. This makes it possible for you to use an industry standard protocol that is efficient and reliable which will lower your usage of precious CPU cycles and memory as well as lead to a reduced memory footprint and lower power consumption. This allows you to harness detailed metrics from your embedded or low power devices as well as large scale systems efficiently.

Easy setup

We are aware of the cost and complexity of integrating third party systems such as ours into your product. That is why we make it as simple and smooth as possible. We have a very simple API for interfacing your data with our system. The setup of the project only takes a few minutes. Finally, to ease the process further we have a set of client libraries, documentation, samples and even chat support to help developers get started.

Data retention

In the metrics space, it is very usual to see raw data kept around for only a limited time and then making it available in the form of aggregates for longer retention periods. Our enterprise grade system allows for significant encoding and compression savings which gives us the possibility to propagate those effects to the end users. That is why we keep the data in its raw form and millisecond precision for the full period of data retention.

Data security

We take data security very seriously. All of our data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption, we extensively use secure protocols to make sure no in-flight data is leaked. The entire system is shielded and secured on a private network with audited access logs on all machines, interfaces, and data storage mechanisms.

High availability

Our metrics services operate at a global scale with regional and zonal replications along with regular scheduled backups and redundant failover mechanisms to make sure no data is lost and the system remains available to you.

Cost effective

We leverage economies of scale to provide the most cost effective solution for your metrics system. Besides that, we save you the cost of implementing and maintaining a metrics system where a hidden cost often unaccounted is the man-hours spent on engineering and DevOps work needed. Usually at least one full time employee is required just to maintain the system of any scale. Comparatively, even a single node system with minimal features costs about $30 per month to run.

Real time analytics

All of the data is made available for querying as it comes in providing you with the possibility to query data across different resolutions and aggregations just seconds after it is sent. This allows you to not only to have historical insight but to act on the spot based on the latest data coming in.


We go to great lengths to provide you with a great experience and offer help in many forms, an easy line of communication with our engineers and are even happy to help with your integration. Support is one of those things you don't care about until you need them and prove to be of great value.

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